CPR Training

To broaden our impact on the health of our community, the Broadway Emergency Squad, Inc. offers American Hearth Association CPR classes. We offer two certification classes, Heartsaver CPR and BLS for Healthcare Providers, as well as a non-certification session of hands only CPR. Our instructors are all highly trained, experienced, volunteers that are certified to teach CPR through the American Heart Association. Our facilities can accommodate large groups such as companies and doctor’s office staff. Contact us to set up your large group class today!

Hands Only CPR

We offer demonstrations and practice sessions of Hands Only CPR at special events. Contact us if you want us at your next event to demonstrate this life saving procedure.

Heartsaver CPR

This course is designed for the lay public and designed to teach the basics of resuscitation. This course is geared toward those that are not directly in the healthcare field.

BLS for Healthcare Provider

This course is designed for persons in the healthcare field such as EMTs, Nurses, CNAs, etc. It is also for those that plan on taking an EMT or other healthcare course.